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Sunday, November 10, 2013

School Project: Vintage 1950's Kitchen Pieces - Part III

When I returned on Monday to school, I had to wait to see how things turned out as I had my Welding class to go to first. After about an hour or so, I couldn't wait any longer. Since my autobody instructor had shown up, I just had to walk over and have a look. Things looked rather well, so I went back to my welding class. When the welding class was done for the the day, I went back over to remove all the pieces from the booth. After I had removed most of the Kitchen Cart pieces, the instructor informed me that he needed to leave. So I wasn't able to get it re-assembled. I laid out my moving blanket on the frame rack and put the pieces on it. Then I covered them up and left.

The next morning I running a little late and got a call from a fellow student that was working on a Mustang. He needed the booth to primer the car, and I needed to get the parts out for the step stool as they were still hanging up in the paint booth. So I let him know that I would be there and was on my way. When I arrived, I laid out a second moving blanket, removed the pieces for the step stool and set them out. Finally I was able to get these put back together. So I did just that, and I was very excited to do it.

I started out first putting the Kitchen Cart back together as it was the simpler of the two to get done. While putting it together, I was getting some complements from other students that were there for there class. It was pretty cool to get some comments too. Yes they are just students, but so am I. It will be a long time and a lot of experience before I know I'm doing pretty good, so until then, it's nice to get feedback and complements. Once the cart was together I moved on to the stool. This however was not easy and i put most of it together, only to pull it apart again. Once I got it figured out, it was all back together again. I was careful, for the most part. Things looked very good, so I set my moving blankets up as a backdrop and took some photos with the iphone. At this point, my instructor was around, so I asked him what he thought. He really liked how they had turned out and I was satisfied with his approval of my work. Then they were wrapped up and put in the back of the truck for the ride home.

When leaving the school, it had popped into my mind to go to the store I had bought the stool from. So I headed that direction. They had moved locations recently, and I didn't know where it was. Only remember what street they were on. So after finding the store, I went in. The employee that I had actually bought the stool from was there, so I showed the photo on my phone of the cart and the stool. After looking around for a bit, the owner was around and was bringing more items in and putting them on the floor. So we said our hellos, and I showed him the photo as well. To my surprise he says, "You know we have another one of those stools?". I was all happy and asked him where it was. He showed me and I asked how much. The price was one I couldn't pass up. Even though it was a little bit more than I paid for the one I had just completed, it was still an awesome deal. So of course I didn't have the cash in my pocket to buy it. So I went around the corner to a gas station, grabbed something to drink and a snack, got my cash and went back and it is now mine.

So, now I have another stool to show off when I get to it. Hopefully this week I'll get it disassembled and media blasted. Then I will need to do some straightening/flattening on the seat as it is a little bit concave. Once I get that all fixed, it will be in the booth and painted. I also plan to put in a couple other items to get them repainted. I'll blog about that later. Thanks for reading! I appreciate it very much. Check back soon for more. Until then, here are the photos of the stool and cart. I will also update when I get the wheels for the kitchen cart and the step pads.

To view the entire set of photos, click here - MJC Independant Study Fall 2013

Hanging up after Metal Prep. Ready for Etching Primer.
Etching Primer laid out
Nice White Legs!
More Nice White Legs!
Love me some Color!

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