I decided to start this blog to as an avenue for me to be able to post about some of the fun things that I do from time to time. It could be a Car Show revue, what I did on Vacation, what I like about this or that automobile, my experience with a photo shoot, what I have in my Automobilia collection, or whatever I think of at the moment. I hope you like it! All feedback will be appreciated.

Monday, May 23, 2011


Prancing Horse - White #2 599XX

Well, today I really don't have much to talk about as far as the event goes. I got stuck working Center Gate all day with no chance to get away except to eat lunch. However, at the end of the day I was able to get my day finished off on an extremely high note. I went and met up with the gentleman that I had met at the Infineon event and got the ultimate Ferrari F1 fans experience. He let me sit in the car! Oh man was I grinning ear to ear for the next several hours. THANKS FOR THE EXPERIENCE!
Me in the F2003-GA Rubens Barrichello Chassis
After winding down for a bit I was able to get dinner and go run around the paddock and see the Ferrari crew getting things packed up for the stuff to get shipped off back to Italy. I walked through the garges and did a favor for someone off of a website forum that had contacted me. I was asked to get a shot of each of the 599XX cars as well as the VIN plate for his records as an avid Ferraristi. When I finished I went back to a little relaxing. Then after 9:00 pm, J.Z. and I went back out to lock up the gates, garages, and Pit Suites. Of course I decided to bring my camera with me since I was unable to get any pictures during the day. Kind of bummed about that, but this made up for it. I went through and got some pictures of the 599XX's, Michael Schumacher #30 FXX and the F189, F2004, and the F2007 F1 cars. After getting all my shots, we shut off the lights, locked up all the doors, and put them all to bed for the night. It was awesome! Sitting there with no one around, looking at all the details of the 3 F1 cars, and admiring the details that went into these beauties. Absolutely Amazing!

After that is was off to finish locking the gates and then go get a shower and so I could be relaxed again for a good nights sleep. Now I'm off to get my pics downloaded. I'll add them in the next few days.


Mick Fleetwood & Me

THE Michael Schumacher #30 Black FXX

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Giallo Modena Prancing Horse

Today was another great day of Ferrari festivities. I started out my day at about 6:00 this morning. I got ready and started my work day getting the cars parked up until somewhere around 9:00. Spent some time doing my gate duties. After some time I had to go meet up with an acquaintance and get him into an area where he didn't have to park his car in the dirt. After he got situated I went back to my gate duties. I was pretty mu ch there the rest of the day after that. I did however get to spend some time on the pit lane watching the Formula One Ferrari's do their laps. Not just the pit lane, but right up against the wall at the front straight. It was an awesome experience. Now before I came over to the wall I had seen a gentleman wearing his FOG (Ferrari Owners Group) jacket, and since I know a few others from the group, I decided to introduce myself and chat for a bit. After a few minutes I decided to ask him if he wanted to get a little closer to the action. Well obviously you can't say no to that right? I brought him over to the pit wall so he could watch the F1 cars take off from pit lane. After a bit I decided to ask him if he wanted to come over to where I was on the Pit/front straight wall to see some action. Well needless to say, He was very happy. But, they were cut short due to one driver going off at one of the corners and beaching his car in the gravel. The gentleman was happy and it made me happy to know that he enjoyed it.

Me with Gianmaria Bruni AKA Gimmi Bruni
A little later I was able to go out for the photo shoot that Ferrari was doing on the Pit Row. I got a few decent shots of the cars, but they then brought out the drivers for a group shot. It was hard to get some full group shots since I don't have a wide angle lens. But I still took several shots throughout the shoot. The highlight for me was being able to have a small conversation with Gianmaria Bruni, a great Driver for Risi Competizione. He was very cool! I had seen him running around on Friday and decided I would try to talk to him. I also got to get a pic of the 2 of us. A great few minutes. Then it was back to the usual.

After coming back from my very late lunch, I went back to my gate and start the rounds over again. I had been watching one of my fellow volunteers and saw him bring a gentleman over as I had to the pit wall to get some photos of the F1 cars. The guy was happy. I then asked him if he wanted to come out to the pit/front straight wall to feel the excitement and fuel his passion. I didn't really ask him in those words, but that's how I feel when I am that close. He almost passed it up, but his wife had told him to go for it. So, once again, an excited spectator. I got him out to the wall and wee started watching and talking. Come to find out he had come down for a wedding and found out about the event and came out for the day. Then me, Mr. Nice guy tops off his whole trip. It's good when someone looks at you and tells you that they will never ever forget the experience. It was a great personal feeling to hear that from someone I had just met. I sure know if I was on his end of the coin, that someone would do the same for me and make my day.

So, to bring this day to a close, I am happy that I gave some spectators a bit more customer service than they would have ever have thought would even have happened. They're happy! I'm more happy to give that experience. Since it's late, I'm tired and need to get up early for last chapter Ferrari Racing Days. Pics to come later.

Almost Ready for the Group Shot

F2001 & F2004 on The Front Straight

Friday, May 20, 2011


Rubens Barrichello Ferrari F2003-GA / DRIVER - Bud Moeller
Well I made it to chapter 2!

I spent so much time Thursday getting my stuff packed, my music downloaded and getting my iPhone stuff updated that I didn't get to get until after midnight. Then I had to get up around 3:15 to get ready to be picked up by my friend who is my Director at the track so we could head out from town and arrive early to Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca for 3 more awesome Ferrari Racing Days. We got here about 6:30 or so and I immediately got my tent set up so I didn't have to worry about it later in the day. Once everything was set up and in place, I did the usual not so fun things to get the go-kart track set up in the paddock for the spectators to be able to spend at their leisure to have some fun while here for the day.

After the kart area was done it was finally time to eat. I was starved. I ate my usual bowl of Special K before I had left home, but it just was overdue to eat again. Once my hunger was satisfied I ran around for a bit. I ran into some past acquaintances and talk to some spectators that were just having a great time. Part of the reason I love to be here. Not only am I having a great time, but I know that the fans are having a great time as well. It's actually quite satisfying. I spent most of the day at different areas relieving other volunteers. I was able to chat with one of the Formula One car owners. He was ear to ear with happiness of his most recent ride. He had mentioned at the Infineon event a few weeks ago that he had just acquired a 2003 chassis. What a sweet ride it is. Besides his car, there are 5 other F1 cars here for the weekend. OH YEAH! My weekend is going to be awesome.

During my rounds I had Gil Campbell, the track CEO came and jumped on the back of my scooter for a ride to the Stewards office to get something, and the run her back to Turn 10 gate where they had been doing pace car rides. While there, I happened to get a chance to have a brief chat with Justin Bell. A very nice gentleman. Well, after spending some more time working various areas at 3:45 it was time for me to get to The Corkscrew to see and get some shots of the F1 cars. One great thing about being a volunteer here is that I can go through the fence and get the good close shots that the media gets to shoot. In 20 minutes I shot 586 pictures from 4 areas of The Corkscrew. It was awesome seeing these Formula One beauties come through. 20 Minutes went by like it was 5. To little time! I wanted more! But not today. I'll have to rty to get away for a bit on Saturday and Sunday.

I left The Corkscrew and went back to the Garages to see the F1 owner I have come to enjoy talking to about his awesome good fun. I showed him a set of pics that were not what he had wanted to do. He ended up breaking a little late and went off track up at The Corkscrew. HE laughed it off and enjoyed the shots. While there, I happened to notice a very tall gentleman that I had seen several times throughout the day. I leaned over to another gentleman and said, "He looks familiar! Who is he?" The gentleman imediately says, "It's Mac Fleetwood!" I was rather suprised, but thought yet once again, I never know who I will ever bump into here. It was cool! I spoke to him very very briefly. No Pics! No Autographs! Just a brief few words. Maybe tomorrow I'll get to get that pic.

My night has come to an end! Time to get a shower and get this grimy dirt off of me that seems to always get on you from the wind. More to come tomorrow.

Jacky Ickx 312 PB

Gerhard Berger Ferrari F189/640

Michael Schumacher Ferrari F2001 / Driver - Anthony Noble

Michael Schumacher Ferrari F2004

To see all of the days shots of these beautiful Formula One cars,
Click here -

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Stockton Car Show and Swap Meet part1

Well I just wanted to let everyone know that I went to another show. I honestly don't know why I would actually want to tell about it, but I'm trying to give a little promotion to a local event that doesn't get enough credit.

I have been going to this on occasion show & swap for the past 4 or 5 years now. I started going to sell inventory from my old automotive collectibles business. It was dead then, and for some reason, after all these years it still seems to be dead. I went on Sunday hoping to go to a show in which on the previous visit was pretty busy. The problem this time, which always seems to be the problem when this show is scheduled, is the weather. Each time I have been at this event, to spectate or to sell stuff, it is either hotter than hell, or windy, or as in this past Sunday, it had rained the night before and nobody came out. Well almost nobody. I had brought a good friend of mine since he had never been, as well as maybe the 10 swap sellers and the 6-10 cars that actually came to show. I was disappointed, but the weather can ruin a decent event. Anyways!

I hope that the next event on July 17th isn't a bust, and if it is, it will be due to the fact that the concrete and asphalt has made a 95 degree day into a 120 degree misery.