I decided to start this blog to as an avenue for me to be able to post about some of the fun things that I do from time to time. It could be a Car Show revue, what I did on Vacation, what I like about this or that automobile, my experience with a photo shoot, what I have in my Automobilia collection, or whatever I think of at the moment. I hope you like it! All feedback will be appreciated.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Road through Crazy Woman Canyon
For our second day we decided on going up towards Buffalo. We took off and had a nice scenic drive up I-25. We got off the freeway somewhere where you never think to. Uncle Bobby was driving and where we were going we need his 4-wheel drive to get to. After leaving I-25 and driving a road for a very short time, we were on a dirt road that was smoother than 90% of our roads in California. Then we hit it! Crazy Woman Canyon was the road we were on, and this canyon was where we drove through. The water was high in the river, not a creek, and the scenic view of the canyon was absolutely beautiful. Rock, trees, water, and fresh air. What more would be so beautiful? We were up at such a high elevation that we could actually breath here. He drove for a bit and then we stopped to take some photos. Then we drove a little more and stopped so I could get out to take some more photos. We did this a few more times. One of the stops was a camping area where the river then came from a direction that the road was no longer able to follow. My only problem, wanting to take photos, was that the water from the snowmelt was so rough that the water was to dirty to get the photos I would have rather taken. But, who cares. I still took some shots. I was on vacation and here to enjoy seeing areas I had never had the chance to see before. Then again, we were off to finish the drive and reached the top where the road comes out on Highway 16 at the top of the Big Horns.

Cliffs of Crazy Woman Canyon
We drove down 16 towards Buffalo and stopped off at another location, Elgin Park. Bobby wanted to take us to an area where we could get some photos of the snow capped, glacier filled Shoshone National Park mountain range. The view was awesome! Even though we were at a high elevation, the Shoshone peaks were still dwarfing us. We took some photos, but me as usual was not happy with my shots. WHY? I need a wide-angle lens! The dramatic view was not as dramatic with the lens I currently only have available. So, when I actually do get that wide-angle lens, we’ll just have to be sure to come back here so I can get more photos of this beautiful place. On our way out of Elgin Park I was able to get more photos of the Aspens, the flowers that were in bloom, and the grave marker of an old settler that was about 20’ off the road. Quite interesting! Then we were off again.
We finally drove down the mountain and arrived in Buffalo just in time for lunch. We ended up at a place I would have rather not. That place with the “Golden Arches”. Not my favorite place, but it was something. Then we went into the main part of town. Since it was a Sunday, there were only a few places that were actually open for business. So we didn’t spend much time in town and back to Grandmas house we headed.

View of Shoshone from Elgin Park
We were on the road for a bit and I fell asleep. I wasn’t sure how long I was sleeping, but I woke up and we were once again on another dirt road. This one was outside of Kelcee, Wyoming and we were off seeing beautiful scenic country. This area was called “Hole In The Wall”, named after the Gang that Butch and Sundance were part of. We went into a valley of red rock and green meadows, then climbed up about 2-3 thousand feet to the top of a mountain. The view was incredible. I got out and took some photos, then we started heading back down the mountain, stopping when I wanted to take more photos. Once down to bottom, on our way back to the highway and then back to grandmas we went. Our day of exploring was done and a couple hours later our day ended with dinner and playing cards.

Friday, June 24, 2011


Well, after my wife got home from a hard days work, I got everything into the car. We left home around 7:00 PM on Friday. I drove the first few hours and stopped in Sparks, Nevada for Fuel and Coffee around 10:30 PM. Then back on the road we went. The next few stops were the same. I let my wife sleep for a bit until I needed to get a little sleep myself. I woke up just before Battle Mountain, Nevada and switched back to driving again. We arrived in Wendover, Nevada around a quarter to 5 and grabbed more fuel. Then it was over the State Line to the Bonneville Salts Flats so I could get some early morning photographs. I walked around for a while taking pictures in all directions trying to get some decent shots, then around 6:00 AM it was time to get back on the road. But, before I got back on the road I made a quick stop at the gas station and grabbed some Bonneville souvenirs for myself. The last time I was through 2 years ago, they didn’t have much, but this time I grabbed some decals, patches, a shot glass, a coffee mug, a hat-pin, a can coozy, and a few magnets. I would have picked up some post cards, but I grabbed those at the gas station before we crossed over into Utah. Someday I will get there for speed week and really know why this place is so awesome. 

Dawn at Bonneville Salt Flats
After finally getting back on the road and a long night of driving, and since I had only about an hour or so of sleep, I had to pull off at a rest stop and have the Mrs. drive. I figured I would only sleep for another hour. YEAH RIGHT! 2 hours later and almost out of Salt Lake City I woke up and realized we had just passed our next stop. I had kind of figured on where to stop for breakfast before going up the hill. Well like an idiot, before I had fallen asleep, I didn’t tell her where I had planned to stop. OOPS! Oh Well! We ended up pulling off the freeway and looked for somewhere to eat. We found a bakery and had breakfast and then back on the road and she kept driving for a bit.

A couple more stops along the way of places I had noticed the last time through, one of which I did stop at before. The first stop was somewhere in Utah that I had noticed. This was of a property with a bunch of cars, trucks, vans, and other vehicles on the lot. There must have been at least a hundred vehicles just going to waste. I took some shots and off we went. The next stop was an abandoned gas station off of Highway I-80 that we stumbled upon when getting off the freeway for a rest stop. The last time the fence was up and I was only able to take photos from afar. But this time, the gate was open and I was able to walk around and get different shots. I wanted to stop this time more or less to get pictures to show the change in the last 2 years. A little more brush growth, some graffiti and age. After about 20 minutes, we were off once again.

Abandoned Gas Station off I-80

 We next stopped in Rock Springs, Wyoming for lunch and gas. We kept the stop as short as we could. Then we were off to finish the trip. But, of course we need to stop one last time for a restroom break, and then the last stretch was on. We ended up arriving at grandmas around 4 or 5 PM. We then went to the Aunt and Uncles for dinner. Finally! We made it! Time to rest after that long drive. But, after deciding what we were to do the next day, Uncle Bobby and I went to load the Quads for our day of fun. Then one of them refused to start. We worked on that thing until about 11:30 or so with no luck. So, our plans needles to say had to be changed. Check back for the next chapter.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


That's right! My wife and I are going on a road trip to Wyoming. Bar Nunn, Wyoming to be exact. Just outside Casper. So, this is going to be a brief blog to set up for the trip. And since this is a road trip, it is technically Auto Related right?

We will be leaving Friday after she gets home from work and I plan on driving the full distance except to stop for coffee and gas up until I get to Wendover Utah. Why Wendover? Well, for those of you other Auto Enthusiasts out there, this is home to fastest place on earth - THE BONNEVILLE SALT FLATS. I hope to be there by 5:00 am so I can get some sunrise shots of this magnificent place. The last trip we made to Wyoming 2 years ago we stopped here in the middle of they day and it was awesome then. I took some photos then, but this time I want to be there for the right lighting. WE SHALL SEE! I just wish I was coming through here at the right time for Speed Week. DANG IT!

After that it's on to Salt Lake City for some Breakfast and fuel, then of to finish the drive until we need more fuel and I need more coffee. Then to end the trip, we will be at Grandmas House. Yes! Grandmas house. The whole reason we are heading to Wyoming. We haven't been to visit the Mrs. Grandma since our last trip just over 2 years ago. We will also be visiting her Aunt and Uncle. Anyhow, I will be updating my blog as the trip goes on, hopefully daily and with photos, but we shall see what time permits. So please check back for any updates and I hope you like what I am writing. If you do, please tell me by leaving a comment. THANK YOU!