I decided to start this blog to as an avenue for me to be able to post about some of the fun things that I do from time to time. It could be a Car Show revue, what I did on Vacation, what I like about this or that automobile, my experience with a photo shoot, what I have in my Automobilia collection, or whatever I think of at the moment. I hope you like it! All feedback will be appreciated.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Missing Photos! What Happened?

So as you can see at the moment my blog is in need of some updating. Why? Well the photos I had on here are missing. The Cool shot up top and several from the bottom of the main page. What Happened? The photo hosting site that I had been using shut down. A little upsetting as I had a lot of photos on it. But not too upsetting as I was contacted by the page owners and was sent all of my photos on a thumb drive. Now I need to get working on updating my Flickr account. I had started on it a couple months ago when I knew about Razzi being shut down. But I have so many things going on right now that I just can't keep up. But first things first! I need to make a living. I am also in need of finishing up my courses at the local Community College. For now the courses are on hold until I can return in the Fall. Hmmmm! What to do?

What I have been doing? For the last two months of 2013 I was asked to do some work for a company a friend manages out at Stanford. So for the money I was being paid, I just couldn't resist. So I stayed busy with that job. What else did I do?  I went to go to Southern California to visit my parents as I hadn't visited them in over a year. Two weeks taken away from other things I need to do. But my family is more important. What else did I do? So now that all this is done, I need to get back on track. I was supposed to have made some changes for my eBay business, but that seems to be falling apart for now. So I will just be re-organizing everything I have for inventory so I can make it easier to list in a more manageable way. So once I get things in order again, I will be updating the blog with more Car Show adventures and other Auto Enthusiast things. Until then, Thank you for reading! I hope to get at least the photos fixed soon.

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