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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Orientation / Class Final / Car Show and Swap Meet

Well on Saturday morning I had to get up earlier than usual. I woke up around 4:00 am and got on my way around 4:30 or so. In order to be able to do so, my wife and I had to stay over Friday night at a friends place. We needed to do this so that my wife would be able to do the things she needed to do on Saturday, and I would be able to go and do what I needed to. I had to head down to Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca on Saturday for my SCRAMP volunteer orientation for this year. It was a long drive, but I've done it enough times to have it not seem to take so long. The orientation is more of a moral boost for the organization to get together and to introduce the new volunteers to what they are to be doing, how things run, as well as a tiny bit of a history lesson. Afterwards we get to hang out for a Bar-B-Q and chat until we decided to head out.
After eating I headed over to the souvenir store to get me a pair of Piloti Shoes. I found a great pair. After that I left with a few others and went over to Al 1's place for a little chat time. I'd never been, so I decided it would be cool to hang a bit longer. Well a bit longer ended up being a few hours. I kind of had to to get my Camera batteries charged up. I was hoping to hit a few places on my way home to get some Car shots for my Basic Photography class final project. But, as luck would have it, I ended up leaving to late. The places I wanted to drop into were closed before I was out of Salinas. Oh well! Tough breaks are the usual life for me anyways, so I just headed home. But i need to go back to my early mornig before I continue on with the rest of what I have to say.
Part of the reason I decided to leave so early in the morning was to get there and get some pictures for my Basic Photography class final. My final is based on a Self Portrait aspect. Not realy any pics of me per say, but of what I am passionate about. Well since cars a passionate part of my life, I thought it would be a somewhat easy task. Boy was I wrong. I was hoping to locate some certain cars to hopefully pull into why I ended up so passionate about cars. I posted some information in hopes of getting some help. I didn't get but 1 reply to that. Now back to the track - I took advantage of having to be at the track on Saturday to get some pics of the track and the facility with my Film camera in Black & White. Of course I also used my Canon 40D to get some shots as well. It was rather peaceful at 7:00 am to get a few shots of the track, the paddock, and some random stuff. I think some turned out pretty well. The best ones are without the cars. If you want to see what I managed to get, here is the link - http://www.razzi.me/albums/471-mazda-raceway-laguna-seca
Now to help get the word out for this years events.
The SCRAMP crew has 7 events to work this year and I am looking forward to having a chance to work at all of them. Specifically, for me as an avid Ferraristi, I can't wait until "Ferrari Racing Days" kicks off this years menu. From May 20-22 Ferrari of North America will be bringing the Ferrari F430 Challenge cars for their time to play. But, to top that off, they will also have the FXX Program, 599 XX Program, and the F1 Clienti to the West Coast. For July 8-9 there will be possibly one of the longest named events I've yet to see. The "Continental Tire Sports Car Festival Powered By Mazdag Featuring Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Series". WHEW! I almost didn't think I had enough room to write that title. This is possibly one event I may end up missing. It all depends on if I can re-arrange my schedule or not. Also, July 22-24 there will be the "Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix" and AMA Superbike Championship races. A spectacualr weekend. For August, to kick off "Monterey Week" on the 12th, the "Pre-Reunion" will once again be a public event as it was for the first time last year. Then of course the Follwing Friday, the 19th-21st will be the "Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion". This is hands down my favorite event of the year. Seeing so many classic racers all at one time is an overload. Jaguar is the Marquee this year. Of course as usual I will miss Friday of the event in order to attend Concorso Italiano. It's not an event at the track, but I refuse to miss that. Then for September 16-18 there is "American Le Mans Series Monterey Presented by Patron". An event I have grown into a having a large liking to. Then to finish off the year is the Rare Treat of "Porsche Rennsports Reunion IV. I didn't know much about this event, but it only happens every few years and that it will be our treat to host it at MRLS. I'm not a big fan of Porsche road cars, but being able to see the Historics Racing Porsches and drivers in 1 event will be quite cool to see.

Not too much to say, but I did get up early once again and took a run over to the San Joaquin County Fairgrounds for the Stockton Car Show and Swap Meet to help finish off taking the film shots for the class final. Of course I did a little shopping at the swap meet first to find some cool items. Picked up a few collectibles and some books to ad to my collection. I then walked around to get some shots of a few nice classic rides.It was funny having spectators look at me wondering why the heck I was laying on the ground taking pictures. I did however manage to get 3 photo shoots out of the day. I asked one gentleman about getting together to shoot his 1948 Chevrolet Panel Truck. We tarded info and I moved on. Then not even 10 minutes after that I was approached by a young gentleman about shooting pics of his super lifted truck. Of course I gave him my number. I want to build this hobby up! Then a little later after shooting pics of a beautiful 1968 Chevrolet C10 Short Bed, the owner asked me a few questions. I let him know what was up and he asked about getting some of the pics I had taken. I gave him my information and then asked if I could set up a shoot to get some more shots. He accepted the request. Now to actually set up a time. He then said he could hook me up with some other friends to shoot their trucks. SWEET! I might start going somewhere with this hobby. I then looked around a little longer and finally got out of the show around 1:30 pm or so. It wasa good fun weekend! Here's the link of the Stockton Car Show and Swap Meet - http://www.razzi.me/albums/492-stockton-car-show-and-swap-meet-04-10-2011

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