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Friday, August 3, 2012

Sacramento Autorama 2012

For a while I had planned on making sure I didn't miss this years event. I figured I wasn't going to make it to Pomona for the AMBR Show, so I really just could not miss this show. So, I did what I normally do. I called some friends to see who was willing to go with me. And, as usual, my buddy Alfredo was the only one that made the time to go with me. He had been with me to several other shows, and knowing how I can be at shows, he still decided to come. So when the day came, I had my wife drop me off at a Denny's to meet up with Alf, have some breakfast, and head up to Sacramento for the day.

We got up to Cal Expo a little after 10:00 am and went right in. We started off by heading into the building with the Bike-O-Rama. As we headed in the door I was just amazed. There were several stock bikes that I always love to see, when I see them. Then there was the custom bikes. Along with a few other treats. The custom pedal cars, a tractor, and a really cool wagon. I was in awe at the talent and quality that had been used to do some of the work on these bad pieces. So I did my usual photo and video work and then we moved on to the next few buildings.In the other buildings were some sweet clean rides. I'm not a fan of low riders, but then their the craftsmanship and details that blow my mind. I have to check out all the details. We skipped over the boat building, not sure why, but we did. Then we hit the building with a few vintage or custom dragsters. Always love to see dragsters.
Then there was the sweet Flat Black Kustom Cadillac out in the quad area. This Caddy was awesome! I just couldn't pass up the chance to shoot some photos. Then I figured out what I wanted to do and I took my time so I could  of it to use in my video of the the car. I placed myself in various places that surrounded the car. But not at ground level. I used the upper area as my starting point, then worked my way around to the car at ground level. The segment turned okay. I also met a few gentleman that were there waiting to do a pin up model shoot with the car. The main photographer, Nick Koljian, was doing some work for MyRideIsMe.com, and so we all sat for a bit and chatted while he was waiting. Then the model showed up. He took his photos, and then we all saw that the car now had some interesting sun tan oil placed on the car. This model must have buttered herself up big time. anywhere she leaned or touched on the car now had her mark on the car. It was actually funny! Anyways, once all was done, we moved on.

We moved on to the next building and on the top floor of the one side were some beautiful examples. One builder, Rick Dore, had 3 customs. One of which was "Voodoo Priest" A beautiful custom 1937 Lincoln Zephr built for James Hetfield of Metallica. The other was the 1953 Buick Skylark. I have to say, I am very jealous! These cars are so beautiful that I wish I could get a job in a shop of this caliber. Someday! Also on display was another James Hetfield Custom. "Iron Fist", a 1936 Ford Custom built by Blue Collar Customs out of Sacramento. This was their home turf, and they brought out a nice ride. They have also built another ride for Mr. Hetfield. I saw the Ford Custom pickup a few years back at a Goodguys show I had attended. Man oh man! Another great builder! This show however is what I am here to finish discussing. So, also in the building on the top floor on the opposite side, was several sweet cars. The stunning Pink Cadillac owned by Pinup Model, Darling Danika. I was checking it out and happened to meet her husband, Jay. He's a cool car guy! Well obviously! Anyways! He took me over to meet Danika, who had just had some surgery and was not feeling to good. So I kept it very brief and went on my way.

When I got downstairs, I saw more beautiful examples. I was really amazed by what I saw. John D'Ogostino had another amazing ride this year. He brought out "The Carribean". I took several shots of it too. Since I still don't have a wide angle lens, I did my usual shots from the upstairs area. Then I ran into John. Spent some time talking with him and got some photos with him. Then off to the next ride. The Purple Kustom "Wild Cad" brought up by Mario, a Koolsville Beatnik Car Club member from Australia. He was great! I got a few shots with him and had him sign my program since his car was on the cover. I took some shots of the Caddy as well. And of course I had to go back upstairs just to get my shots. But it made for some good shots from up there.

A little later after walking around, I came to Gene Winfield at his booth. So I spoke with him for a few minutes asking about when his next Metal Working Class was to be as well as the "Winfield and Watson" show. Then I decided to do something a little different. I asked Gene if he would be willing to let me do a short interview. He was all for it, so I asked Alfredo to hold the video camera and away we went. I just went on the fly and just asked a few questions that popped into my head. It turned out pretty good for not being something that wasn't planned. Once we were done I got a couple shots with Gene, as well as having him sign my vintage track jacket. So, since he signed the jacket, I wasn't sure if I should wear it anymore and then Gene showed me a patch to go with it. His shop logo patch. It looks great on the jacket too now.

Once I was done having fun with Gene, we moved on and saw more great kustoms, classics, muscle cars, trucks, and hot rods. I ran into Herb Martinez at the Sacramento So-Cal Speed Shop booth and chatted with him for a bit. then he asked me to watch the booth for a minute while he ran to take care of some much needed business. Then Alfredo and I finished up our tour of the show and headed home. All in all, the show was as fantastic as it should be. There was nothing to disappoint the enthusiast. Now to look forward to attending next year and enjoy another great day. Or should I just pull the trigger and go for two day and make the best of a great weekend and get even more photos and video of more great cars and trucks. Until then! Check back for more of my experiences at other shows and racing events.

To see all of the photos I did actually take at the event, please visit - http://razzi.me/a/10461

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