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Monday, November 5, 2012

Finally something to talk about!

That's right! I finally have something to talk about! I have been so busy with my job and other things lately, I just haven't been able to do much when it comes to my Auto Enthusiast Life. Except as it is, my job is related to the whole subject of what my blog is all about. But why haven't I done any writing about that? I haven't really done anything worth writing about.

After getting my "Certificate of Achievement" for Auto Body Collision, and my "Skills Recognition" for "Automotive Refinishing", it took nearly three months to get a job. Every place I stopped in to apply was either too slow to be able to hire, or I didn't have enough experience. What? I just spent nearly two years going to school for the trade and I don't have enough experience? Well I actually did figure that would be the reply I would get. Why would I think that? Well, up until I went to school, I had never actually done any type of autobody work. On top of that, I had never worked on a vehicle at at until I bought my '88 GMC S15. That was a fun task in itself. But that's not what this writing is about. I haven't actually got to it either.

So, down to what I have to talk about. On Monday I went to work and when I arrived I had expected to work on the truck that I had wet sanded Friday. The plan was to come in to cut and polish it out after the repairs and paint were completed. But, I ended up having to finish a job that was more important. But, in order to get it finished I had to run to the hardware store to get a few supplies to finish the job. When i got it finished it was now close to lunch time. Before lunch, my boss had asked if I could run up in my truck a bumper and a fender trim piece for the '68 Oldsmobile Toronado being worked on to a chrome shop about 40 miles away. So after I finished my lunch I loaded up the pieces and headed out.

I exited the freeway, got to the street I needed to be at, and headed up towards the shop I was sent to go to. But as my eyes generally wander when I'm in a new area, I had taken notice of another shop with some sweet rides sitting out in front. An early 60s C10 Chevy Pickup parked out on the street, a nice bright yellow Triumph, a red Ford Ranchero and a dark blue Shelby GT 500 parked out in front of the shop. Then as I went by I also noticed a red Shelby Mustang inside with some race numbers. I kept going by and then found the chrome shop. When pulling in I had taken notice of a car sitting in the back of the lot that was under a cover. I parked my truck, went inside, and took care of what I needed to.

When I finished up business inside, I got back into my truck and started to head out. But then I noticed the car again at the back of the lot under the cover. So I put my truck in reverse and pulled up next to it. It had a "For Sale" sign on the front, and all I could see was that it was a Dodge Brothers car. And the price. I didn't spend too much time looking since I needed to head back to work. When I was pulling out into the street I turned right and had forgotten that I had wanted to check out the shop with the cars I had seen up the street. I then just figured I would go up and turn around, but then I caught the site of an even better ride up to my right. So I kept going that direction and stopped in the middle of the street to get a picture with my phone. But as it just had to be, the sun was just above the building and I couldn't take the photo. So I left and figured I would get it when I headed back to get get pics if the Triumph and Ranchero.

So then as I am driving up to turn around, I notice another sweet ride up ahead. So obviously I decided to not turn around. I pull to the stop sign and then I really take notice of what is sitting there. I pull into the lot and get out of the truck. I first go over to a sweet Olds 442 and a Camaro to take some photos. Then I get pics of the Model A. Then I grab a shot from across the lot of four more. One being the car that pulled me to this location.

As I begin to go inside and first thing that catches my eyes for some reason, was in the reflection of the door. I just walked right by them an didn't even notice what they actually were. In front of the doors was four intentionally placed gas cylinders put there as ballasts to keep idiots from driving into the building. They were painted with a nice silver too. Not yellow, but silver. And buried just deep enough into the concrete to stop such an idiot that would just lose control and end up inside. Then finally I get in the door. This time I see a few gas pumps, and then all the Hot Rod Merchandise. Yes! I found a cool store that sells parts for the Hot Rod builder. The more I look around, the more time I spend here. This place is just awesome.

So of course on the inside there are more cool cars on the showroom floor. Besides the merchandise, this place also builds them. To the right side is a garage the you can look into and see several things being worked on. Of course the way I am, I just had to take some photos in here too. As I'm doing so, a gentleman tells me that they will cost me. Yes he was joking! Turns out he is the owner of the place. So rather than me just rambling on more about my new found glory, here are the pics I took of everything. Including the rides back up the street.

OLDS 442

Bitchin' Camaro

Sweet '55
The '57 Bel Air is what drew me to this place.
A view of the shop. Much more to the Right and to the left.
This is on the Showroom Floor.
So is this
And this is too
MMMMMM! Stacks
Red, Hot & Sharp
Such a nice '57 Bel Air.
Mellow Yellow
Chopped Effie
Line 'em up!
This is the shop I first saw coming down the street.

This is the Ford that kept me from turning around.

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