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Friday, December 28, 2012

Bo Huff Rockabilly Extravaganza 2012

I had been planning on heading down to Southern California to visit my parents since they had moved back recently from Lake Havasu, Arizona. And as it turned out, there was going to be another car show somewhat close by when I was to be there. I just had to take the opportunity and make sure to be able to attend, as I had wanted to anyways, but was not sure if I would actually be able to make the event. Why? I had known about the event for several months, and just wasn't sure if I would be able to get there due to not having a reason to go. Then, about a month or so earlier, my parents had to make a quick decision to move back since my fathers health had landed him in the hospital when he was visiting my younger brother. Three of my brothers had to run out to Lake Havazu and pack up all of their things and bring them to the house my parents had rented. The weekend my father ended up in the hospital, they were actually looking to move back anyways, and had signed an agreement for the home. I was unable to go down that weekend to see him in the hospital due to things beyond my control. So, knowing that the 4 day holiday weekend was coming up, I decided it was time for my wife and I to head down for a visit.

My wife and I had decided to make the drive on Tuesday evening, rather wait for the traffic that would be on the rode Wednesday evening. So we got our extra day off and headed down. Now for the downside! My father was in the hospital yet again. So when we arrived at their house at 1:00 am, we hit the bed. We had to get up somewhat early and go to the hospital. I spent the next three days there visiting him. Most of the time we all just sat around in the waiting room since other members of the family had been coming off and on. My wife actually spent 4 days there with my mother since she didn't want to go with me to the car show. So on Saturday morning I woke up, got myself ready and after my wife, mother, brother, and sister took off, I decided to head out to the show. But, when I was in the driveway, one of the neighbors opened up their garage and their dog went running up the street. So I tried to help them out and keep it from running out into the main road. The dog was running around behind the homes, and since I really couldn't do anything, I decided to drive around through the neighborhood just to see where it actually had run off to. As it turns out, I lost track of the dog when driving by a yard sale and noticed a small item on a table with White Wall Tires on it. So I turned around and went to see what it was. I walked up to the table, which was in the back of the carport, and as it turns out, it was not only one, but four little pedal car planters. 2 Ford Trucks, a Fire Truck, and a Hot Rod. So I bought all four of them for a really good price, and got an old Model T wall hanger for free. Then I was off again. I dropped the stuff off at the house and left for the show.

At this point of the morning, it was already 11:00 am, and I was hungry. So I hit the closest In-N-Out Burger drive through and hit the road. The drive was about 45 minutes to the Riverside Municipal Airport where the show was to be this year. I arrived at the entrance and waited approximately 30 minutes just to get to the guy at the front to pay for my entry. Of course, as things tend to go, when I got to the front they appeared to finally get their heads out of their butt and get the attendees through a lot faster. They needed to do something! The cars were three wide, and out onto the main drag. The guys on the motorcycles were getting pretty pissed that it was taking so long to get in. But when I got to where I was able to park, all the waiting didn't matter. I was at the show and my mind went to what was waiting on the inside. But as expected, I had to stop for security for the man to search my camera case. No big deal! Nothing there but camera equipment. I finally walked through the gate and stopped to get my cameras ready. Then it was time to check out some cool rides that I never see.

As I walked around the show I was admiring the pinstriping and the cool custom work when the WWII Marine Fighter plane was flying by no more than probably 50 feet off the ground. It was cool to see this plane! I never go to air shows, so this was a cool thing for me to see. So I went over to where they were loading up the passengers for the rides and watched it for a little while. Of course I had to get some shots of it flying by a few times. Once I was done with that, I went back to checking out the Kool Kustoms. I walked around and checked them out, took some photos, and chatted with some of the other attendees, as well as a few vendors. Then I went to look for Bo Huff, John D'Agostino and George Barris.

It didn't take long to find them. I ended up hanging out with John and George for the rest of the afternoon, having a good time talking and just having fun. I was able to get the three of them to sign my vintage Race Track jacket that I had gotten Gene Winfield to sign earlier this year at the Sacramento Autorama when I did my interview with him. Besides Jon and George, I was also able to meet quite a few others, including Johns cousin and his two boys from Australia. After a little bit, John and I went over to a warehouse latter that was along the fence so we could get an overhead shot of the show. While doing so we checked out a few more of the rides. If you, the reader are wondering why I am writing this like I am friends with John, well as it turns out, over the past month or so I have run into John while on my lunch break from work. It's been cool too. He has been setting up shop across the street from the shop I work at. So it's going to be cool checking out some of the Kustoms that will be coming through. I CAN'T WAIT!

Anyhow! To get back to the show, I ended up leaving around 6:30 PM as I needed to head back to see my dad in the hospital before I headed home the next morning, So I helped John pack his stuff up, I put my camera equipment back in the case and headed out. I had a fun day and can't wait for the next event to write about. THANKS for reading!

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