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Monday, January 14, 2013

My Prancing Horse!

Another project that I had completed a couple months back. I was at the local Goodwill store, as I usually am when looking for automobilia items to keep, or to sell on eBay. I had come across this high up on the top shelf and I just couldn't resist. So I purchased this ceramic "Prancing Horse" with the idea of re-painting it to a nice satin black to resemble my favorite Italian marque. So I brought home, and it sat around for a little while until I got to just deciding to get it done when I happened to be off one day during the week. While it had more or less been sitting around, I had sanded the finish so that I could actually paint it. But then it sat around again. But then that day off I got a bug and finished it off. I painted quite a few coats on it with some rattle can paint. Once dry, I decided to put it in the room with the rest of my automobilia items. Well now has come the time to wrap it up and pack it away in a moving box until it gets a new life in the next home I end up moving into. Whenever it comes out again, I will update the blog as the new office decor comes into existence. Until then, enjoy the photos and I hope you enjoyed the brief story.

How it looked at time of purchase
A better shot when I got it home
After the first few coats of paint

The finished project

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