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Friday, April 5, 2013

I've moved to a new home!

Well, as things have been really hectic as of late, I am writing to tell of why.

A couple months back, we decided to sell the house we had been living in for the past 9 years. We, means myself, my wife Cristy, her parents, her brother and his wife. We bought the house with the intention of helping out one another. Well as I said, it was the intention. But when the market tanked, that intention went south. So then it became more of a lets just wait it out and see. Then it became a let's wait two more years until I retire program for my father-in-law. So, I don't think I want to draw this into that story, so let me just go in a different direction. The direction, my wife and I are finally free of it all, and can get things back to where they should have been.

The house didn't take but a week to get to Pending status. We received several offers, and one wanted the house so bad that they just upped their offer to a price we just couldn't resist. We took the offer, and waited to be sure all things were good before we started to look for a new home. At first we had wanted to buy, but with so many investors killing the locale market, we took a right turn and hit the rental market. My wife and I started looking on several websites, as well as a few iPhone apps to see what we could find. After looking at a few, we got a little frustrated. Nothing had a good enough size Master Bedroom that would fit all of the furniture we had. Then, one day driving around we came upon a house with a sign in the front yard. So I got out and did a walk around the house. I looked in a window and noticed that the size of the Family Room, Dining Room, and Kitchen were very large. Then I looked into another window. It was the Master Bedroom, and it was also very large. It had more than enough room to fit our furniture into it. So I told my wife, and I called the number on the sign in the front yard while we were there. I left a message and off we went. A few day later I received a return call from the property management company, and we set up an appointment for me to go have a look. My wife wasn't able to make it since she was working, so I went without her. I walked around the inside of the place and took photos to send to my wife. This house was more than we really need for the two of us, and I wanted to apply for the place so we didn't have to keep looking. I spoke to the agent and asked a few questions. She gave me my answers, and the application, and I went back home.

I spoke to my wife later that evening about the place. She wasn't too sure of the area outside the neighborhood as it wasn't the best part of town. Well, the next day she asked me to contact the next door neighbor, who just so happens to be someone her family and several of friends had known for some time. So I got the number from a friend and made the call. I spoke to the wife and she told me nothing but good things about the neighborhood as they had been living in the house for seven years. I then told all that I had been told to my wife. She was still unsure, but decided to let me make a judgement call. So we went to the Agency and filled out the application. It took a few days to hear back from the agency, but when I got in contact with an agent, they let me know that there was a little problem and I needed to contact the company that was running the background and credit check. The problem was that we needed to have the house closed to show that it was in fact sold in order to get our Debt to Income ratio fixed. I explained that the house wasn't on our income, and in fact several, but the house still needed to close. So once that was all done, we got things in order, kept the appointment for signing the lease agreement and getting the keys.

Now, come appointment day we had several friends, and family members come to help load up a bunch of stuff. Once it was time to get to the house for the appointment, my wife and I headed over. But, I had been contacted by the agency, and they told me that they were behind schedule and that they would be about an hour late. So I told the friends and family to just meet us at a McDonald's around the corner from the house just to relax and wait. Once we were told they would be at the house, we headed over. We arrived, signed the papers, walked the house for what visible items were in need of repair and went on to get things in the house. It took all day to get things moved in. By the dinner time we were quite tired and decided to take the friends out to dinner, as the family had left earlier since they had things to do in the evening. The next day it was all over again. I had a couple of my friends meet at the house around 9:00 am as my wife and I stayed there. Once they arrived, we headed back to the old place to get some of the larger items, pack up more of the small stuff and bring it over to the new place. We got it all unloaded and a few of us went over to clean out the storage unit I had to rent to clean out the garage of all of my collectibles that had been boxed up for the past nine years. I had to put them into storage to help with the Open House when we put the house on the market. We got it all out, swept it clean, and took it home. Once it was all unloaded, it was time for dinner. So off I went with a friend for Pizza and Beer, then back home to relax from a long two days of moving.

Since all of our stuff wasn't completely cleaned out of the old house, and we really didn't have to have it out for a few more weeks, my wife and I relaxed over the weekend. But come Monday, she was back to work, and I was back to cleaning up and packing more stuff to bring to the new house. It took almost the entire week to get it all cleared out and cleaned up. My father-in-law had requested to get a dumpster to be dropped off, so I took Thursday off so I wouldn't have to waste my gas. So I went back on Friday to finish it off. I claened the carpet in my part of the house, tossed out all the junk into the dumpster and finished watching a couple show that were Tivo'd. By the end of the day, I was pretty much done. Still have a little bit of stuff to get, but it will be picked up the next time I'm around. Which happens to be on Saturday after I spend the day at a Pinstriping class I decided to take. The family decided to have 1 final family Virginia Ham dinner before everyone is off in their own world. So, with that said, I hope you enjoyed the read, and I will be catching up on all of the stuff I have been wanting to write about over the past few months. That includes mu experience of my Pinstriping class.

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