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Saturday, May 21, 2011


Giallo Modena Prancing Horse

Today was another great day of Ferrari festivities. I started out my day at about 6:00 this morning. I got ready and started my work day getting the cars parked up until somewhere around 9:00. Spent some time doing my gate duties. After some time I had to go meet up with an acquaintance and get him into an area where he didn't have to park his car in the dirt. After he got situated I went back to my gate duties. I was pretty mu ch there the rest of the day after that. I did however get to spend some time on the pit lane watching the Formula One Ferrari's do their laps. Not just the pit lane, but right up against the wall at the front straight. It was an awesome experience. Now before I came over to the wall I had seen a gentleman wearing his FOG (Ferrari Owners Group) jacket, and since I know a few others from the group, I decided to introduce myself and chat for a bit. After a few minutes I decided to ask him if he wanted to get a little closer to the action. Well obviously you can't say no to that right? I brought him over to the pit wall so he could watch the F1 cars take off from pit lane. After a bit I decided to ask him if he wanted to come over to where I was on the Pit/front straight wall to see some action. Well needless to say, He was very happy. But, they were cut short due to one driver going off at one of the corners and beaching his car in the gravel. The gentleman was happy and it made me happy to know that he enjoyed it.

Me with Gianmaria Bruni AKA Gimmi Bruni
A little later I was able to go out for the photo shoot that Ferrari was doing on the Pit Row. I got a few decent shots of the cars, but they then brought out the drivers for a group shot. It was hard to get some full group shots since I don't have a wide angle lens. But I still took several shots throughout the shoot. The highlight for me was being able to have a small conversation with Gianmaria Bruni, a great Driver for Risi Competizione. He was very cool! I had seen him running around on Friday and decided I would try to talk to him. I also got to get a pic of the 2 of us. A great few minutes. Then it was back to the usual.

After coming back from my very late lunch, I went back to my gate and start the rounds over again. I had been watching one of my fellow volunteers and saw him bring a gentleman over as I had to the pit wall to get some photos of the F1 cars. The guy was happy. I then asked him if he wanted to come out to the pit/front straight wall to feel the excitement and fuel his passion. I didn't really ask him in those words, but that's how I feel when I am that close. He almost passed it up, but his wife had told him to go for it. So, once again, an excited spectator. I got him out to the wall and wee started watching and talking. Come to find out he had come down for a wedding and found out about the event and came out for the day. Then me, Mr. Nice guy tops off his whole trip. It's good when someone looks at you and tells you that they will never ever forget the experience. It was a great personal feeling to hear that from someone I had just met. I sure know if I was on his end of the coin, that someone would do the same for me and make my day.

So, to bring this day to a close, I am happy that I gave some spectators a bit more customer service than they would have ever have thought would even have happened. They're happy! I'm more happy to give that experience. Since it's late, I'm tired and need to get up early for last chapter Ferrari Racing Days. Pics to come later.

Almost Ready for the Group Shot

F2001 & F2004 on The Front Straight

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