I decided to start this blog to as an avenue for me to be able to post about some of the fun things that I do from time to time. It could be a Car Show revue, what I did on Vacation, what I like about this or that automobile, my experience with a photo shoot, what I have in my Automobilia collection, or whatever I think of at the moment. I hope you like it! All feedback will be appreciated.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

VIDEO: Details from Woodie Wagons

As I had noted in my previous blog posting of the Woodie Wagons, this video was kind of put together as a joke to show what some of these owners do with the rides to get them to look as awesome as they do. But some things are just a bit of overkill in my opinion. I just have to say this, These rides are one of my favorite automobiles, and they always will be. Thank You for checking out the blog!

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